Travel Alerts

Christmas day 2017

Waiheke Christmas Day Timetable 

From Half Moon Bay 

East Auckland 

From Kennedy Point

Waiheke Island

8:00 AM  9:00 AM
10:00 AM 11:00 AM
12:00 PM 1:00 PM
2:00 PM 3:00 PM
4:00 PM  5:00 PM 








The call centre will be closed on Christmas day. For urgent travel our terminals at Half Moon Bay and Kennedy Point will be open on Christmas Day.

The call centre is open all other public holidays. Phone Line hours are below: 

Monday-Friday  6am to 6pm

Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays 7am to 5pm

- The SeaLink Team 

Updated:02 November 2017
Gold AT HOP card Waiheke Travel

Travelling to Waiheke Island as a foot passenger on your Gold AT HOP card from Half Moon Bay or Wynyard Quarter.

Please remember it is IMPORTANT that you 'tag on' when boarding and 'tag off' on arrival at your destination.

More information. Thanks in advance

- The SeaLink Team

Updated:27 October 2017
Now Running Waiheke shuttle Link

Waiheke Shuttle

SeaLink are now operating a service that runs to/from Kennedy Point ferry terminal and Oneroa village every Saturday, Sunday and public holidays between 21 Oct 17 and 2 April 18 . It will also operate daily betwen 25 Dec 17 and 6 Feb 18. 

For timetables and more info check out our ShuttleLink page

Updated:20 October 2017
Ferry check-in times

Waiheke Island & Great Barrier Island 

  • Check-in 30 minutes prior to departure to or from Waiheke Island
  • Check-in 60 minutes prior to departure to or from Great Barrier Island

Please note: To get everyone loaded and ensure the ferry departs on time, we can’t guarantee passage if you’re running late; your spot may then be allocated to one of the standby vehicles.

- The SeaLink Team

Updated:23 August 2017
Travel Alert for dangerous goods

Dangerous Goods

Petrol, LPG, Diesel, Dive Bottles, Gas bottles, Firearms, Fireworks, Bees, Hay

We have scheduled sailings in our timetable for those travelling with dangerous goods (DG). These sailings are designated ‘non-smoking’.

- The SeaLink Team

Updated:23 August 2017
Text Alert Service

Pine Harbour and Waiheke Island

We like to think we're the most reliable way to get you to wherever you're going. Sometimes conditions change and require last minute schedule or ferry changes. Don't miss the ferry because you missed the alert.

Sign up for our free text service and we'll contact you about timetable changes, delays or cancellations.

- The SeaLink Team

Updated:23 August 2017